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Glo Airtime Transfer 2018: Best Guide on How to Transfer Credit on Glo Network (EasyShare)

Glo Airtime Transfer 2018: Best Guide on How to Transfer Credit on Glo Network (EasyShare).

EasyShare is Glo airtime transfer service that makes it possible to transfer credit between Glo customers.

Like most telecommunication networks in Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria allows you to transfer airtime/credit from your own Glo number to another Glo customer easily.

It is highly advisable/recommended to change your default easyshare PIN immediately your number has been fully registered and activated/opened to make and receive calls, send and receive sms, browse etc. Glo airtime transfer

You get the idea right? Change your transfer PIN immediately your glo sim started working. Since it is the only means of authentication to effect Glo airtime transfer.

In this article, you will learn how to transfer airtime from glo to glo and before that, you will learn how to change your default PIN to a more secure and easy to remember one. You should also check our article on mtn transfer code.

How to Change Glo EasyShare Transfer PIN.

The transfer pin is 5 (five) digit in number. And the default pin is 00000.

  • To change this authentication codes to a secure and preferred by you, dial *132*default pin*new pin*new pin#.
  • If your preferred new pin is 19026, dial *132*00000*19026*19026#. If you are changing the pin for the first time.
  • If you need to change glo airtime transfer pin after the first time, then you will need to dial *132*old pin*new pin*new pin#. That is *132*19026*27634*27634# with 27634 has your new pin and 19026 has your old pin.
  • That’s it on how to change glo transfer code. Now, let’s move to sharing airtime.

How to Transfer Airtime from Glo to Glo Number.

Now that you have change your default code to a new and easy to remember one, let’s transfer credit from one glo number to another glo customer.

  • Dial *131*recipient’s phone number*amount of airtime to transfer*transfer pin#.
  • So let’s assume you are transfering 200 worth of airtime to 08050705324 and your glo airtime transfer pin is 19026.
  • Then you need to dial *131*08050705324*200*19026#.

You will be notified via text message if the transfer is successful or not.

Glo Airtime Transfer Limit.

You can’t transfer less than N50 Naira on easyshare and more than N1,000 Naira. Meaning you can only transfer N50 – 1000 Naira.

That’s it fellas on Glo airtime transfer. Don’t forget to share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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