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Home / Nigeria / GoTv Customer Care Contact Details: Call Center Phone Number, Helpline, Self Service, Website, Email, Office Address & Social Media Accounts

GoTv Customer Care Contact Details: Call Center Phone Number, Helpline, Self Service, Website, Email, Office Address & Social Media Accounts

GoTv Customer Care Contact Details: Call Center Phone Number, Helpline, Self Service, Website, Email, Office Address & Social Media Accounts.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an old or new customer, you might need to contact GoTv Nigeria at one point or the other. You can reach out to GoTv customer care via their mobile phone number, website, email, physical office address or social media accounts. gotv customer care

Even as a non subscriber, you can contact them to make some service inquiries like the current price of their decoder, price of their available bouquets, channels you will be able watch on each bouquet etc. Most new users always ask about installation guide, how to make payment online here in Nigeria.

Existing users mostly contact them when trying to renew subscription or moving from one bouquet to another. No matter the category you fall into, you can any of the means below to contact GoTv customer care.

GoTv Customer Care Mobile Phone Number, Social Media Accounts, Email, Office Address & Official Website.

GoTv Mobile Phone Number.

You can call GoTv on “08039044688”. Note that you will be charge for the call depending on your network operator and tariff plans. Calling is one of the most effective way to reach GoTv CC.

GoTv Social Media Accounts.

You can also reach GoTv via their social media accounts which include Facebook and Twitter. It is the fastest and most convenient means to get your issues fixed.

  • GoTv Nigeria Twitter Username – {Twitter.com/gotvng}.
  • GoTv Nigeria Facebook Enquiry Page – {Facebook.com/GOtvng}.

GoTv Office Address.

If you reside in Lagos, you can visit Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island Lagos State to make all your service enquiry or fix any issue you might be having with GoTv.

GoTv Official Website.

Virtually everything about their product and service can be found on their website. Visit {nigeria.gotvafrica.com} today.

GoTv Email Address.

I won’t recommend this though except you are completely out of option. {nigeria@gotv.co.za}.

There you have it fellas on details of how to contact GoTv customer care here in Nigeria. Kindly take few seconds of your time to share this article using the social media buttons below.

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  1. 22nd Oct 2017 will mark 1 month when I keep complaining that I received a call from gotv agent with number 07080682600 between 8:00am-9:00am. That I’ve not renewed my subscription for a while so I’ve been given 50% discount to pay 950 instead of 1900. After the payment at service centre the cashier collected and indicated. After several complaints to gotv they keep telling me they are investigating the matter. Im really wondering if gotv is investigating anything rather I feel it’s a way of tell her customers to either pay 950 to complete the subscription which Is pure scam or dump gotv.

  2. My supscrition will expire by 24th of this november but i still supscrib another #1900 today with my decoder number 2028622240

  3. My subscription as expired on November 20 2017 and have renewed it today 21Noverber 2017 still they have not help me to renewed my gotvdecoder my I U C NO:4613783670

  4. Compliment of the season… pls I renewed my subscription
    on 8th December but surprisingly it’s expires today being
    1st of January not up to one month…
    I don’t have time to complain again once I notice such
    I’ll change to other networks

  5. Mrs. Florence Okoro

    Compliment of the season. Pls. l renewed my subscription when l received a message for promo. Surprisingly on 30th December the subscription has expired. So this morning around 11:37am l receive a message which says: Congratulations, lUC 2016907069 has been rewarded with free GOTV plus subscription for reconnecting in November as promised. Thank you. But I am not connected up till now. Pls kindly connect me.

  6. Bello Akeem Taiwo

    Complement of the season to u. The promise u made to me in the month of December, 2017 has been breached by ur wonderful company. U promised me a month free subscription in the month of January 2018. But unfortunately my decoder has stopped showing. I can no longer view any station again contrary to ur message u send to me. Kindly help me to reactivate. My decoder number is 2020722987 Bello Akeem Taiwo. Thanks!

  7. Good day gotv customer care,please I recharge my decoder but is not working,please do something ooo,I want it to be working now,I can’t wait any longer,my iuc no 4613175517.Thanks

  8. Ukewuihe Tochukwu

    Since hours ago I renewed my subscription for Gotv plus, I am yet to have my channels active. This is my first time to subscribe for this Gotv Plus(#1900) cos of the programme I wanted to watch on it which Gotv Value I am ever used to doesn’t show, and the channels haven’t yet come up. This is abnormal…If I knew I would have maintained the Gotv Value I have ever used which starts showing immediately after renewal…I am so disappointed in Gotv..Please get my channels active and showing immediately…My IUC number 2020636864, Payment date and time: 2/2/2018, 7:15:11pm

  9. Good morning
    Pls how do I subscribe via phone transfer with my IUC. Thank you

  10. Please reconnect me . I have paid my subscription. I UC number is 2022583452. Pay ID 16918834

  11. Robert Folashade favour

    Pls I paid for gotv value subscription through my bank mobile app, but my gotv wasn’t activated, I went online to change my plan from gotv Max to gotv value and am still ask to pay another money meanwhile I have the 1250# in my account. What can I do?

  12. I recharge a friend Gotv via my fcmb act yesterday up till there still saying 4620988454 why? Meanwhile my money had been deducted.

  13. kindly assist me reset my Gotv channel 29, my IUC number is 4613199639. I subscribed(Gotv plus) on 26/02/2018 and since then it stop working. thanks.

  14. Raymond Chukwuma

    If I say gotv is the worst tv cable, pls nobody should blame me. How can I subscribe and I cannot be able to view any station, they keep telling me that my subscription has expired. The worst is that none of the so called easy self service is working. Both the USSD, the SMS and the rest don’t help matters at all. I’m writing this with a bitter heart, by tomorrow morning I’m gonna buy another tv cable to save myself from gotv embarrassment. Bye bye to gotv

  15. Good day. Since my last subscription on the 22nd of Febuary 2018 I can’t access some of my stations like the big brother africa channels 29 Visat 57 and some other stations my neighbors all have access to all stations. Please i need a reply ASAP.

  16. Kindly activate my account… Have make payment tru quick teller since yesterday …IUC 2028850900….

  17. Abimbola Adenuga

    Gotv please connect me I have make payment cant even view single station. Please do the needful ASAP IUC No: 2005178781.

    While await your swift response.

    Many thanks.

  18. Good afternoon. Please I can’t view BigBrother. My IUC number is 4601552245. Awaiting your response. Thank you

  19. I have recharged my gotv since yesterday and am yet to access it, it keeps giving me E-16 error message.my gotv IUC number is 2028604492

  20. i subscribed #1900 to my go tv yesterday 20/4/2018 my luc no 2029108806 till now i have not receive ant channel pls confirm it and add my channels for me

  21. I have recharged my gotv since yesterday and am yet to access it, it keep giving me E-16 error message. My gotv IUC number is 2029062652

  22. I want to downgrade my subscription to gotv Lite. I’ve been calling customer care service and they’ve not been picking up . My IUC num is 2015901490 .thank you

  23. Hi,pls some of the stations are not showing I.e 5,30,31,32,33,and many more pls help and God bless u (4601738143).

  24. Please a lot of my channels are not showing. 4613172018

  25. Adesopo Samuel

    My name is Adesopo Samuel. Please help me switch my gotv package from gotv lite to gotv plus with IUC number (4613434126)

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