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Best MTN Data Bundles September 2017: Cheapest 3G & 4G MTN Data Plans for Android, PC & iPhones.

Best MTN Data Bundles September 2017: Cheapest 3G & 4G MTN Data Plans for Android, PC & iPhones.

Are you looking for the best and cheapest mtn data plan money can buy in 2017? Then you have come to the right place. Here at mynigeriajournal.com, you will always get updated prices and activation codes for mtn data bundles for all Nigeria internet service providers which include glo, etisalat, airtel and mtn data plans.

mtn data plans

Without wasting much of your time, i will go straight to listing all the best internet plans from mtn, their prices and activation keywords.

Best & Cheapest MTN Data Bundles in Nigeria September 2017.

MTN is the first telecommunication company to hit Nigeria in the early 2000s. It has the widest network coverage and over 40 million active users across the 36 states of the federation.

The mtn data plans in this article are segmented into different categories among which are daily, weekly, monthly, night and social plans. It gets better as i will also show you how to check your data balance as well as mtn universal ussd short code.

It is also worth noting that these mtn data plans will work on all devices irrespective of its operating system or platform. That’s they work perfectly well on iOS (iPhones & Mac), Android, Pc (Modem), Windows Mobile and Blackberry (if you are still using one).

Below are cheap and the best mtn data bundles money can buy in September 2017.

Daily Internet Bundles.

The plans under this category are very small and are for low bundle consumers. It is made available for folks who just want to update their Facebook status, check latest Nairaland news or any other news websites etc.

MTN Nigeria data plans under this category is only valid for 24 hours after successful subscription.

N100 for 30MB.

MTN is willing to allocate 30MB of internet data to you in exchange for 100 Naira airtime. This is about 300% increment from what they used to offer i.e 10MB for 100 Naira few years back.

Subscription Code: To activate 30MB for N100, simply

Dial *104# or Text 104 to 131 from any mobile phone, modem, mifi or wi-fi dongles.

N200 for 100MB.

Daily MTN plans get better as they offers whopping 200 MB of data for just 200 naira.

Subscription Code: To activate 200MB for N100, simply

Dial *113# or Text 113 to 131 from any device.

Remember: MTN daily data plans are only valid for 24 hours after subscription. i.e if you subscribe around 9:14 AM today, it will expires by 9:14 AM tomorrow. If you exhaust the allocated data before that, your access to the internet will be suspended until you subscribe for a new plan.

Weekly Internet Plans.

There is only one plan under this category, but it is cheap and affordable. For just 500 Naira, you will be allocated 750 MB of data to surf the internet.

This plan is valid for 7 days i.e a week.

Activation Code: To subscribe to mtn weekly data plan, simply

Dial *103# or Text 103 to 131 as SMS via any mobile phone.

Monthly Data Bundles.

Data plans in this category are for medium and heavy internet users. You can get as low as 1.5GB for 1000 Naira and as high as 22GB for 10,000 Naira. Now it boils down to your pocket and how much data you can consume within 30 days.

Note: You can roll over un-used data provided you subscribe to a new plan before it expires. i.e before the 30 days validity.

N1000 for 1.5GB.

With just 1000 naira, you will have access to 1.5GB of data to surf and download for 30 days. This is one of the best plans you can get for 1000 Naira right now in Nigeria.

Subscription Keywords: To activate the 1.5GB data for just 1000 naira, just

Dial *106# or Text 106 to 131 from any mobile device.

N2000 for 3.5GB.

It gets better. If you are sure 1.5GB won’t meet your data demand for a month, you can simply go for this plan. It offers 3.5GB for just N2000 naira.

Activation Code: To subscribe for this plan, kindly

Dial *110# or Text 110 to 131.

N5000 for 10GB.

This plan is for heavy data users like myself. So you should consider going for this plan if you used anything above 6GB per month.

Activation Keyword: To subscribe for this plan on your smartphone or Pc, simply

Dial *116# or Text 116 to 131.

N10,000 for 22GB.

Are you an extra heavy data user? If yes, then this plan is for you. You get 22GB of data allocated to you for just N10,000.

Subscription Code: If you are willing to let go of your 10,000 naira for 22GB, simply

Dial *117# or Text 117 to 131.

That’s all on mtn monthly data plans for Android, Pc and iOS.

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MTN Social Plans.

These plans are also refers to as goody bag bundles. They are for folks who just want to stay connected to their social media friends at a very cheaper rate. It is available for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, 2GO, Eskimi, WeChat etc.

However, in this article, i will only be releasing the direct subscription codes for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp social plans. For other plans, simply dial *662# to select your preferred goodybag/social bundles.

  • Weekly Whatsapp Plan: Text WAW to 131 to enjoy whatsapp for 7 days at N25 Naira.
  • Monthly Whatsapp Plan Monthly: Text WAM to 131 to enjoy whatsapp for 30 days at N60 Naira.
  • Weekly Twitter Plan: This mtn data plan gives you access to twitter for 25 naira. It valids for 7 days. To subscribe, Text TWTW to 131.
  • Monthly Twitter Plan: Get unlimited access to twitter for 30 days for just 60 naira. To subscribe, Text TWTM to 131.
  • Weekly Facebook Plan: It is valid for 7 days for just 25 naira. Weekly facebook plan subscription code, Text FBW to 131.
  • Monthly Facebook Plan: This plan gives you unlimited access to facebook for 30 days. To subscribe, Text FBM to 131. You will be charged 60 naira.

MTN Mid night Plan.

For just 25 naira, you can get up to 500 MB from MTN to browse and download in the night. This plan is valid for just a night (12AM TO 4AM) and you can only subscribe once on a Sim card in a night.

One more thing, it is only available for users on iPulse tariff plans.

If you are not on mtn ipulse, simply dial *406# and reply with 1 to migrate to ipulse tariff plan.

Once you are on iPulse tariff, simply Text Night to 131 to subscribe to mtn 25 naira for 500 MB night plan.

How to Check MTN Data Balance & Bonus.

By now i will assume you must have seen and subscribe to mtn internet plans that best fits you, it is time to learn how to check your remaining data volume/balance.

Text 2 to 131 or Status to 131 or dial *131*4#. For double data, dial *559*2#.

There you have it on the best mtn data plans for September 2017. All the above plans works perfectly on 3G, 4G, Android, iOS and Windows devices. Surf the web from the comfort of your home via your smart phones and PC.

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