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MTN Tariff Plans 2018: Cheapest Call Rate, Migration Codes & Benefits

MTN Tariff Plans 2018: Cheapest Call Rate, Migration Codes & Benefits.

There are numerous tariff plans on MTN network but only a handful of them are worth talking about. In this article i will work you through the cheapest and best mtn tariff plans, how to subscribe to them and the benefits that comes with them. mtn tariff plans

Best MTN Tariff Plans with Cheapest Call Rates.

Most network tariff plans have their own pros and cons however there are some exquisite ones that a better in the sense that they offer cheap call rates, comes with some mouth watering benefits and are easy to migrate to using USSD codes.

As at the time of publishing (February 2018) this article, there are only two mtn tariffs that are worth writing about for prepaid customers and another one for postpaid customers. Rest assured that this article will be updated if there is any changes.

The mtn tariff plans are MTN Pulse (iPulse) and MTN beta talk for prepaid customers and MTN XtraSpecial for postpaid customers.

1.) MTN Beta Talk.

We have talked about this tariff plans in detail in one of our previous article. We will highlight what you need to know about the call plan here, but you can visit our previous article using the link above to get the full package.

Call Rates.

You will be charged 45 Kobo per second which amount to 27 Naira per minute on bonus account and 42 Kobo per second which is 25.20 Naira per minute on your main account.

With 100 Naira airtime recharge and the bonus that comes with it, you get 13 minutes of call on MTN beta talk tariff.


  • On every recharge of 100 Naira and above within 7 days, you get 10MB free data and 250% airtime bonus both valid for 7 days.
  • For airtime recharge below 100 Naira, you get 150% airtime bonus also valid for 7 days.
  • The bonus airtime can be used to call any network, for SMS and browsing.

Migration Codes.

To migrate to MTN beta talk tariff plan, dial *123*2*1# or SMS BT to 131. Migration from one mtn tariff plans to another is free except you are migrating before 30 days of previous migration.

2.) MTN Pulse.

This is another great tariff plan from MTN network and i prefer it to MTN beta talk because of some benefit it comes with. Have heard about MTN 25 Naira Midnight plan? you must be on mtn ipulse to enjoy the plan.

Below are the benefits, migration codes and call rate of mtn pulse. Also you can visit the above link for more details on mtn pulse.

Call Rates.

You will be charged 22 Kobo per second till the use 11 Naira in a day after that, the call rate drops to 11 kobo per second. In simple term, you will be charge 22 K/S for the first 50 seconds of call in a day before you start enjoying 11 K/S of call rate.


MTN pulse comes with some offers that can’t be ignored.

  • You get 10MB free data on airtime recharge of 100 Naira and 20MB on 200 Naira recharge within 7 days. Bonus is valid for just 24 hours.
  • While other mtn tariff plans get 750 MB of data for 500 Naira, you get 1GB of data on mtn pulse.
  • Pulse is the only mtn tariff that offers 500MB for 25 Naira in the night.

Migration Codes.

Dial *406*1# or sms 406 to 131 to migrate to MTN pulse free of charge.

3.) MTN XtraSpecial.

This plan is exclusive to mtn postpaid customers. It allows you make both local and international calls at a flat rate of 15 kobo per seconds which is about 9 Naira per minutes. There is no hidden charges, just the 15 k/s.

Here are the international countries you can call with this plan at the aforementioned call rate.

Canada, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg.

Migration Code.

Dial *408# to migrate to mtn xtraspecial.

Well this is all the best and cheapest mtn tariff plans i know of for now. You can use the comment box to share more if you do know more and share this article using the social media buttons.

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