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Nigerian States and Their Slogans: Old & New Nicknames of Nigeria’s 36 States & FCT

Nigerian States and Their Slogans: Old & New Nicknames of Nigeria’s 36 States and FCT.

It is essential as a citizen of Nigeria to at least know the slogan/nickname of the state you resides in or hails from. Nigeria comprises of 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory (FCT). I have recently posted about the state and capital in Nigeria, this article will focus on Nigerian states and their slogans. nigerian states and their slogans

Full List of Nigeria State, FCT and Slogan.

Some of these states like Osun state, Adamawa, Anambra, Delta state etc have changed their nickname over the past years. This article will reflect both their old and new slogans.

Also, some of these state slogans didn’t compliment the current situation of the state. Example is Borno state whose slogan is “Home of Peace”, but can as well be called “Home of Chaos” or “Home of Terror” due to the current actitivies of Boko Haram (BH) in the state. Below are states of Nigeria and their respective slogans (Old and New).

Nigerian States and Their Slogans.

Abia State                                                               God’s Own State.

Adamawa State                                                       Highest Peak of The Nation, Previously (Land of Beauty, Sunshine                                                                                   and Hospitality).

Akwa Ibom State                                                     Land of Promise.

Anambra State                                                        Light of the Nation. Previously (Home for All).

Bauchi State                                                            Pearl of Tourism.

Bayelsa State                                                           Glory of all Lands.

Benue State                                                             Food Basket of the Nation.

Borno State                                                             Home of Peace.

Cross River State                                                     The People’s Paradise.

Delta State                                                              The Finger of God. Previously (The Big Heart).

Ebonyi State                                                            Salt of the Nation.

Edo State                                                                 Heartbeat of The Nation.

Ekiti State                                                                 Land of Honour and Integrity. Previously (Fountain of Knowledge).

Enugu State                                                             Coal City State.

Gombe State                                                            Jewel of the Savannah.

Imo State                                                                 Eastern Heartland. Previously (Land of Hope).

Jigawa State                                                            The New World.

Kaduna State                                                           Centre of Learning. Previously (Liberal State).

Kano State                                                               Centre of Commerce.

Katsina State                                                            Home of Hospitality.

Kebbi State                                                               Land of Equity.

Kogi State                                                                 The Confluence State.

Kwara State                                                               State of Harmony.

Lagos State                                                               Centre of Excellence.

Nasarawa State                                                         Home of Solid Minerals.

Niger State                                                                The Power State.

Ogun State                                                                Gateway State.

Ondo State                                                                Sunshine State.

Osun State                                                                 Land of Virtue. Previously (State of the Living Spring).

Oyo State                                                                   Pace Setter State.

Plateau State                                                              Home of Peace and Tourism.

Rivers State                                                                Treasure Base of the Nation.

Sokoto State                                                              Seat of the Caliphate.

Taraba State                                                               Nature’s Gift to the Nation.

Yobe State                                                                 Pride of the Sahel.

Zamfara State                                                            Farming is Our Pride.

Federal Capital Territory                                            Centre of Unity.

That’s all fellas on nigerian states and their slogans, nigerian state and their slogan. Kindly make use of the social sharing buttons below to educate more Nigerians.

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